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Web Design-Landing Page: Carpet service

We are excited to present to you our new project – Web site for Carpet Service. This web site design represents a harmonious structure and well-integrated elements that in the best way emphasize the service that this company provides. The three dominant colors are blue, white and brown. Blue colors associate water and wash while creating a sense of stability, reliability and harmony. White color attributes to purity, creating a sense of balance and tenderness. While brown shades evoke gold, a sense of value, success and satisfaction. The logo is designed in accordance with the rules of the golden cut. Website was created using the CMS WordPress platform. During the development of the web site pages, the last standard was applied, the site was implemented according to the Responsive Web Design standard that conforms to the behavior of the user, as well as the environment in which it is run depending on the size of the screen, the platform and the orientation of the same.  Click here to tour the website: or see our video presentation here.

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